Stimulating a healthy lifestyle

Doing the right thing is harder than it looks

Most people know that unhealthy food and too little exercise lead to serious health problems and fewer years of healthy life. Yet many find it very difficult to change their lifestyle and daily habits. Governments, organizations and healthcare professionals try to help people with this through information, interventions, and health campaigns but old habits die hard. So what can they do to ensure that their efforts have a real impact?

Lifestyle change requires much more than providing people with the right information.

Changing lifestyle is hard

Eating healthy and exercising sufficiently are both easier said than done. Many people need an extra boost to get them on the right track. It could be a newly diagnosed diabetes patient having to adjust to a new diet. Or an expectant mother wanting what’s best for her newborn. Or it could be a wider societal issue such as people eating too much salt.

Just providing information is not enough. People have to be motivated to change their behavior. Their social and physical environment can help, but there are dozens of other factors that also play a role.

Our solutions for stimulating a healthy lifestyle

We have developed an effective approach to achieve lifestyle change across the board. We start with an analysis of the most important factors that most strongly influence the lifestyle of a particular group. Then we look for the most effective strategies to get people out of their ingrained habits by using our model of positive behavior change.

Creative interventions can be useful too – when offered in the right way and at the right time. Take life moments, for example: people are more open to adjusting their lifestyle if other things in their lives change, such as starting to live together, having a child, or changing jobs.

We have helped pregnant women to gain self-confidence and healthier lifestyles by using Tinytask. We have also developed communication strategies to convince people with low health knowledge to lower their salt intake. Take a look at our case studies below for more.

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