Impact of life events on eating behavior

How do you respond to important life moments to stimulate healthy eating behavior?

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people in the Netherlands work evening- and nightshifts

What was the challenge?

The Dutch eat way too much salt and in the long run this leads to kidney problems. The Dutch Kidney Foundation tries in many different ways to combat this unhealthy behavior, but also sees how difficult it is for people to change their eating behavior that they have been displaying for years. The Dutch Kidney Foundation therefore wondered during which life moments people are most receptive to changes in eating behavior and how they can respond to this.

What did we do?

We asked a diverse group of people to complete small assignments for a week and answer questions about their eating habits. Through their answers and photos, we got a first impression of their behavior and helped them think about defining moments in their lives when habits were formed. We then invited a selection of the group for an online in-depth interview. Through our self-developed methods, like deep need discovery, we learned about their values ​​and needs regarding food.

What did we deliver?

We identified the life moments when people are most receptive to behavioral change, such as changes in the composition of the household and irregular working hours, important moments to which the foundation can respond even better. We mapped out which needs and dilemmas play a role during these moments and how best to respond to them using the right strategies, in terms of communication, interventions, information, channels. The insights from this research helped the Dutch Kidney Foundation to give their annual campaign even more focus and to stimulate even better the shift towards a Healthy Generation.

25 years of working in shifts harmed my body.

– Respondent (64)

I neglected everything, didn’t clean, didn’t cook food, I felt so miserable after the divorce.

– Respondent (67)

Stimulating a healthy lifestyle

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Doing the right thing is harder than it looks.

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