A validated emotion measurement tool that gives insights into people’s nuanced feelings towards products, services, or any other stimulus.


People’s emotions are the key to understanding their mindset, preferences, and behavior. But how to measure them accurately? People often find it difficult to find the right words to communicate their inner life.

Making emotions measurable

Premo is designed to make emotions measurable. It is an online measurement tool featuring a hand-drawn character (either male or female) who expresses 14 different emotions (seven positive, seven negative) through actions and sounds. These 14 emotions are a fully representative cross-section of the human emotion repertoire.

Key benefits of Premo

  • Quantitative Insight
    Premo translates people’s feelings into quantitative data and visual charts, making detailed comparisons between stimuli a breeze.
  • High sensitivity
    Premo is highly sensitive in comparison to other emotion and feeling measurements. It captures both intense and subtle feelings.
  • Revealing complexity
    Most products, services, and situations do not evoke one single emotion, but a combination of different – sometimes opposite – emotions. Premo reveals these mixed emotion profiles.
  • Cross-cultural validity
    Premo has been scientifically validated across cultures. Its non-verbal nature ensures that it can be reliably used by people regardless of language, cultural background or age.

Scientific basis

Self-reporting is the most reliable and nuanced method for measuring consumer emotions, however, respondents often struggle or fail to accurately express their emotions in words. Premo was created and developed in 2002 at the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) by Professor Pieter Desmet to be a cross-cultural, non-verbal self-reporting tool for emotions.

Its intuitive interface and visual capture method enable respondents to accurately describe their emotions by referring to Premo’s fourteen emotions which cover all important consumer evaluations. Premo has been tested and refined in several cross-cultural studies.

Read the scientific article about Premo here.

This work is a breakthrough. The use of short animations is insightful for emotion. The use of cartoons with sound makes these powerful descriptions of the depicted state.

– Donald Norman
Author of ‘Emotional Design’, co-founder of Nielsen Norman Group

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