A thirty-day program that helps people take small steps towards big growth.


Everyone has tremendous potential for personal growth whether in terms of health, skills or happiness. There’s always something we’d like to improve in ourselves! Such transformations only work if you take very small steps. Research shows that people who focus on small steps achieve much more in the long term than people who set huge goals for themselves. Those steps must then also become part of daily life in a smart way.

A program for achieving big changes through tiny steps

These two insights – the importance of small steps and fitting them within a daily routine – are the two pillars Tinytask is built on. It is a 30-day program in which participants are given a daily assignment which is both fun and engaging but also very easy to fit into a daily routine. We currently offer four different programs, all based on thorough scientific research and extensively tested in real life.

Tinytask starts with a cool-looking calendar which can be hung up anywhere at home or at work. Each day the Tinytasker opens a window on it to reveal a colored token with the day’s task. They can snap the token onto their key ring or put it somewhere unmissable – so it’s both a task and a reminder in one. Research shows this is far more effective as a nudge than writing notes on paper or online. People also see the calendar as a nice gift to receive and so are immediately motivated to get started.

Illustrations made by Levi Jacobs.

Tinytask participants receive a beautiful calendar which gives them a small but challenging task to do every day. It’s a tried and tested method that works for all kinds of organizations.

A surprise and a challenge for yourself among all the hustle and bustle of daily life.

– Tinytask participant

Who is Tinytask for?

Tinytask is suitable for anyone who wants to bring about change – whether that’s encouraging young mothers to live a healthier lifestyle, or because you are looking for creative breakthroughs within your organization. Anywhere, in fact, where the objective is for people to grow and flourish. Thanks to its visual style and clear language, Tinytask can be used by everyone.

The Tinytask formula

Tinytask tasks are written using just a few short sentences. This makes them appear deceptively simple. But a lot of thinking and testing goes into every one and our Tinytask formula guarantees quality every time.

The formula is called ‘FEST’ which stands for:

  • Fun – every task should be fun to do. You want to do it right away
  • Experiential – it must be something to do or take part in
  • Spark – there must be something special in it: something surprising, exciting or insightful
  • Tiny – the task should be small and something you could do at any time

Proven in use

In 2016, Desmet and Sääksjärvi published a study in which they had participants perform a daily Tinytask exercise for six weeks. After a few weeks, this group scored significantly higher on happiness (satisfaction with life) than the control group. In addition, Tinytask’s tactile form contributed to higher success rates compared to tasks just given on paper to the control group.

Tinytask is a very engaging program. People like to do it.

– General practitioner

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