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Would you like to learn about design thinking, user research, or behavior change? We offer lectures, workshops, and courses to give you insights into the human side of innovation. How can you create products that are relevant and engaging? How can emotion theory help you discover what people truly want and need? How to make services evoke specific emotional experiences? We teach in-depth theory, measurement techniques, and innovation methodology to answer such questions.

Come and learn how empathy and creativity combine with theory and systematic thinking to create breakthrough innovation.

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We have developed our training program over two decades of teaching university and industry professionals. The training combines the latest scientific insights with our own best-practice experience. The core of the methodology is to show how empathy and creativity can be combined with theory and systematic thinking to create breakthrough innovation. We apply our teaching expertise to make every training course an engaging mix of in-depth theory, concrete examples, and hands-on exercises.

Based on your needs and interests, we can offer anything from a half-hour lecture to a two-week master class. We do training sessions for every discipline involved in product innovation, including design, customer insight, R&D, marketing, and business strategy. We always customize the training to the interests and prior knowledge of the participants. And we frequently include training in our research and process innovation projects, to fully involve stakeholders in the process and to maximize the adoption of the project results.

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