Emotion mapping

Get insights into the complete user journey of your product or service. Using our proprietary app, users report their intuitive experiences and emotions right ‘in the moment.’


Emotion mapping is a unique method that evaluates the entire experience of a product from the perspective of the user. It is a method that goes much further than traditional NPS, product-liking or traditional customer journeys.

Emotion self-reporting app

We developed an emotion mapping app which allows for step-by-step self-reporting of all the micro emotions, associations, and evaluations that occur during the product or service journey. The app can easily be used in people’s own environment at their own pace, with minimal interruption to the product or service experience, making the setting very realistic.
We also make sure that during the journey users are focused on their intuitive experiencing self, not their rational, reflective self by keeping the tasks simple and short and non-intrusive. In addition, users of the app are asked to record short voice notes and videos to explain the underlying ‘why.’
We guide users carefully in these steps, but they decide which moments they evaluate – and so find most important. This ensures the experience determines the flow of the survey rather than the user being tied to a set of pre-defined questions.
Directly after the journey, users reflect on their ‘experience line’ which is generated on-the-fly and indicate ‘moments of truth.’ Our researchers analyze the combined data and identify the key insights.

The outcome of emotion mapping is the ideal starting point for the overhaul of an existing product or the development of a new product.

Users are focused on their intuitive experiencing self, not their rational, reflective self.

Benefits of emotion mapping

  • The app allows users to map the product/service experience ‘in the moment’ – as it is actually happening. This ensures we focus on the experiencing self, not the reflective self, and test in a realistic setting.
  • The user determines how they use the product/service and what they find important, without interviewer bias or pre-defined actions and questions.
  • Our measurement tools are scientifically validated and based on decades of research.
  • Our technology enables you to get in-depth insights in a cost- and time-efficient way.

Emotion mapping deliverables

  • An experience timeline showing the emotional highs and lows of the product experience over time. It highlights the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities throughout the journey as well as the relationship and coherence between the different phases of the journey.
  • An in-depth look at your product/service experience through the eyes of the user. Using an online platform, you will get insight into all the points of improvement and opportunities of your product/service experience. Watch and hear how users actually interact with your product or service.
  • A set of inspiring, immediately applicable action points. Results are always presented clearly in an interactive ‘opportunity workshop’ identifying improvements to any product, service, package, positioning or long-term innovation strategy.
  • A fresh perspective. Our clients love how emotion mapping gives them a fresh perspective on their product or service plus a ton of new ideas to improve it. The outcome of emotion mapping is the ideal starting point for the overhaul of an existing product or the development of a new product in the same category.

When and how to use emotion mapping?

Emotion mapping can be applied in a wide variety of product and service domains, and in different moments of the innovation process. It can be used to test prototypes or finished products, to benchmark, or to get inspiration for new product or service innovation.

Also, crucially, it is not just the sum of individual experiences that determine people’s overall experience, but the relations between them. For example:

  • A product’s look & feel needs to match the images evoked by the brand and packaging
  • The user’s explicit and implicit expectations need to be satisfied during product use
  • Emotions evoked by the product over time need to be carefully coordinated to result in a satisfying customer journey.

Because the development of today’s products requires the contribution of many departments and disciplines, one of the most challenging feats is to orchestrate these contributions into a unified product experience. Good news: Emotion Studio can help you with that process too.


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