Customer journeys

Uncovering opportunities

Most organizations know they should put their users at the center of their processes. But how do you actually do that? It starts with knowing what your product, service, or process looks like from the user’s point of view. And not just for a few moments, but for their entire journey with it. Using our knowledge of emotions, needs and behavior, we create user journeys that cut through the noise and show you where the issues and opportunities are.

How can you benefit from customer mapping?

Our unique model for mapping customer journeys has several key advantages for your organization:

  • Obtain entirely new insights – Most organizations have an approximate idea of what users think of their product, through NPS or other ratings, but they do not really know what is happening in the journey. By ‘getting under the hood’ and mapping customer journeys in detail, we generate entirely new insights which can be used to optimize a product or service.
  • Assess your product’s value – Users do not know or care how a product or service is created – they just see the end result. This makes a customer journey a holistic and honest assessment of your product.
  • Uncover hidden issues – A combination of qualitative research, innovative tools and design thinking produce customer journeys that work on two levels. First, visualizing the journey and identifying patterns from user experiences quickly reveal where problems lie – and what you can do about them. Second, the users’ stories, quotes, and videos make you understand your product on a human level.
  • Improve your product or service – The customer journey is an invaluable stepping stone to improving your product or service – whether in a consumer or b2b environment. It enables you to understand which pain-points should be resolved or which other touchpoints can be developed. Above all, it shows how the whole journey can be better aligned by bringing clarity, setting priorities, and – always – putting the user front and center.

More often than not, a few simple interventions can turn an underperforming product or service in a highly successful one – when you know which ones!

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