A new approach to sensory design

How do organizations successfully navigate growing amounts of data to guide their decisions? We took a novel approach: we designed a card game that lets teams creatively explore and combine insights.

What was the challenge?

Danone struggled with the fact that during their innovation process elements like flavors and ingredients were mostly used to drive overall preference and to stay competitive. And even though variation in flavor can help to increase product loyalty, many products were offered in the three standard flavors strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. The UX team of Danone wanted to challenge this in such a way that flavors and ingredients are used as an opportunity to purposely activate perceived benefits that are deemed important by users, such as immunity, energy, and naturalness. In short, they wanted to stimulate benefit-led thinking when it comes to selecting flavors and ingredients for product innovations.

What did we do?

We reviewed existing research reports and transformed the insights into an interactive card game to stimulate this change in mindset. The card game is created in such a way that it helps anyone who is involved in the innovation process to define the best flavors and ingredients. It starts with defining the user challenge and determine the corresponding consumer benefit, such as energy or immunity. After defining the consumption occasion and product format various paths start to appear suggesting various opportunities for flavor and ingredient pairing. The creative exercises that we developed help to further refine the innovation. The card game helps cross-functional teams to challenge current beliefs and to make conscious choices about which flavors to develop.

The tool makes flavour design much more structured and tangible!

What was the impact for the client?

The card game has been successfully applied in several workshops, participants love the simplicity and the way it challenges their view on flavors. By using the tool teams were able to move from classic flavor design to new opportunities that fit to users’ expectations & benefit perceptions.

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