Emotion measurement

Putting feelings to work

Want to know what people really think about your product or service? Then you have to measure their emotions. They are more nuanced than just positive and negative – so we have developed a scientifically validated set of indicators that provide a complete representation of the human emotion repertoire. Using just seven positive and seven negative emotions, you get a high-resolution picture of how people feel about your product or service.

Five reasons why emotions are crucial for R&D

  1. People experience thousands of emotions every day. Many of them are forgotten if not measured, but each of them has a meaning.
  2. Emotions are a universal language. People around the world have the same experience, expression and interpretation of emotions.
  3. Emotions are easy to identify. If you give people the right questions and tools, they find it easy to report their emotions.
  4. Emotions have a one-to-one relationship to deep needs and values. By measuring emotions you access what people find most important.
  5. Emotions direct conscious and automatic behavior. When an interaction evokes positive emotions, people want to repeat it over and over again, even if they’re not directly aware of why.

Emotion measurement techniques give data a soul!

Every emotion is a customer insight

We use our emotion measurement techniques in both qualitative and quantitative research. Qualitatively, they help to structure insights and pinpoint what people find most important. Quantitatively, they add color and humanity to insights – it gives the data a soul! Imagine how useful this is for all sorts of marketing challenges:

  • Market assessment – Measure how people feel about your current or competitors’ products
  • Prototyping – Measure how people react to your prototypes and how you can improve them
  • A/B testing – Find out which version of your product evokes the most desirable emotions
  • Validation – Determine whether your product ticks all the boxes before you embark on a costly launch

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