Consumer insights

Not just What? but Why?

We uncover user insights the users aren’t even aware of

Every successful innovation or campaign starts from a thorough understanding consumer needs and behavior. Each user is unique, but in most projects, you’d be surprised how many patterns there are in their experiences. Our job is to give you that overview, describe the process, and reveal the patterns. But we go further, to dig out the nitty gritty details of user needs with quotes, images, videos to give the insights a face and make them come alive.

Going beyond market research

Our program goes way beyond old-fashioned ‘market research.’ Did you know, for instance,  that people have two systems that guide their thinking? ‘System 1’ is fast and intuitive while ‘System 2’ is slower and more deliberate. People find it easy to give you their opinion or tell you about their conscious decisions (System 2). But without the proper guidance, they find it much harder to talk about their deep needs, unconscious decisions, and routine behavior (System 1). But this is exactly where most of the interesting insights – the deeper why – is located.

We have developed several techniques to access people’s most interesting insights – what we call the “deeper why.

Digging deeper…

We have developed and validated several techniques to access people’s System 1 thinking. These include specialized interviewing techniques to guide people without introducing bias along with visual tools to help people express their abstract feelings and thoughts in a concrete way. We also use creative exercises, such as user journeys, visual metaphors, and social mapping exercises to challenge people to go deep in an engaging way.

…while still covering the basics

And of course, we also derive user insights from a broad range of more standard qualitative and quantitative research approaches:

  • One-to-one interviews
  • Focus groups
  • User tests
  • Surveys
  • Diaries and longitudinal assignments
  • Online communities

We will advise you which combination of approaches works best to pin down your particular customer experience. Moreover, we can help you to sharpen or rephrase your user needs research questions so you will get the most useful answers. Above all, we use our extensive experience of design and innovation to make sure we deliver insights that are both concrete and actionable.


Crystal clear results

For each research challenge, we find the most effective way of presenting the results. We use infographics, visual storytelling, and experiential presentations to make the insights into the triggers and barriers faced by your customers come alive.

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