Emotional fingerprint

What is the emotional impact you want your brand or product to have? Based on your vision and strategy, we co-create an effective emotion profile.


Emotional fingerprinting is a way of developing products and services with a specific emotional impact. Based on business strategy and customer insights, we determine which combination of emotions – the emotional fingerprint – produces the optimal product experience.

Benefits of emotional fingerprinting

This process offers three distinct opportunities:

  • It can identify and create product experiences that are unique in the category, and thus help the product to stand out from its competitors.
  • It can align the emotions evoked by different aspects of a product, like the packaging, hardware, and software, and craft a coherent user experience.
  • Knowing the effects of specific positive emotions makes it possible to select an emotional fingerprint that has a desired impact on consumer behavior and mindset.

Total emotional fingerprinting service

The selected emotional fingerprint is visualized in mood boards, metaphors, or scenarios. The next step is to create new propositions that evoke these emotions. Our designers use specific formulas to systematically create the emotional fingerprint in all aspects of the new product or service. After implementation, our emotion measurement tools can evaluate the effectiveness of the final result.

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