Unlocking the power of emotion

The key to creating better products and services

Emotions play a central role in everyone’s daily experiences, decisions, and habits. They also carry a wealth of information about what people want, do, and think. Consequently, smart organizations give emotion a prominent place in their user research and innovation process. But when approached in the wrong way, emotions can seem fickle, elusive, or unpredictable. So how do you successfully unlock the power of emotion to really understand your user and create better products and services?

Most organizations see only half the picture

If psychology and behavioral science have taught us anything in the past sixty years, it is that people are not purely rational actors who only make conscious decisions based on factual information. That doesn’t mean we’re all totally irrational or that we live at the whim of our impulses. Instead, decisions and behavior are guided both by emotions (‘System 1’) and deliberate thoughts (‘System 2’). These two systems work in tandem to help people make sense of the world and find the best course of action.

Many organizations, however, focus almost exclusively on people’s System 2. When they conduct or commission research, they give people long questionnaires about what they want and do – and why. When organizations develop new concepts, they often look exclusively at the functional list of benefits and user actions, without regard to the impact of their product on people’s latent needs, unconscious habits, and subjective identities.

Decisions and behavior are guided both by emotions and deliberate thoughts. These two systems work in tandem to help people make sense of the world…

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