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Sometimes I read a book and think, this changes everything, now I’ve learned something that will really make my life better. That is the experience I had when reading ‘The How of Happiness’ (2007) by American psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky. First, she gives us the bad news: We often try to find our happiness in life in the wrong things. Things like expensive cars or the latest smartphone. But she has good news as well: We are able to raise our happiness level in a lasting way, you just have to know how. She provides twelve strategies and related happiness-increasing activities, such as, ‘showing gratitude’ and ‘cultivating optimism’. I was inspired. Now I knew exactly what I needed to do in order to become happy! After two months, I took stock; I hadn’t undertaken a single happiness activity and my behaviour remained completely unchanged. Mainly, I was frustrated by my failure, so all in all things were worse than when I started. Why had all my initial motivation amounted to nothing? Where had my good intentions run aground?

Design by Hans Ruitenberg
Text by Pieter Desmet
Originally published by DIOPD

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